Words are the building blocks of your website. They are tools that have power, but only if they are used right. The copy I write is results-oriented, business-growing, persuasive and informative. I provide copy that converts…content that captivates.


Web Copy

Web copywriting is a specialized skill. I write copy that works…the kind of copy that communicates your message clearly…copy that converts prospects into clients, copy that is persuasive without sounding like hard sell. It’s written in plain English so you don’t lose prospects with jargon that they don’t understand.

My copy will encourage visitors to stick around and learn more about the value your business – and only your business – provides.

Whether you need landing pages, website planning or site review, I will express your unique voice and deliver your unique marketing message.


Autoresponders and Newsletters

Prospects may be very interested in your business but not ready to buy right away. Autoresponders and newsletters are strategic techniques that allow you to stay in touch with potential customers who have not committed to buy, or existing customers that may eventually be interested in some of your other products.

Autoresponders are a series of messages, usually 5 to 7, which are sent automatically through an autoresponder service. They are designed to be informative and intriguing. They help keep prospects coming back until they are ready to buy.

Newsletters contain content that is sent on a predictable schedule, such as weekly or monthly. They provide useful information while keeping prospects informed about what is going on with your company such as special sales or new products.

Simply Results Copy can deliver results from your autoresponders and newsletters.


SEO Web Content

Search engine optimization helps your website stand among many other similar websites when potential clients are doing a web search. I have training and experience in SEO marketing, and I will deliver content that is both keyword-optimized for search engines and informative for people.

I will write engaging web content that will capture the interest of prospects through blog content, article writing and focused information marketing. My style is clear and conversational, yet professionally crafted.

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