Writing Samples

Below are some of my writing samples of both copywriting and content writing. These samples should give you a good idea of my writing style, but if you don’t see samples relevant to the project you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I may have something similar I can send you.


Articles and Blog Posts

I have written literally hundreds of articles and blog posts for the web, many of which were done in the role of a ghostwriter. Here are a few writing samples of articles I have written:

7 Things Mulan Taught Me About Copywriting

7 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Business Confidence

The Dangers of Untreated Love Addiction


Sample SEO Writing

SEO Writing Samples


Web Copywriting: Sample Landing Page

Writing for the web is my passion, particularly when it comes to helping businesses communicate what makes them unique. Following is a sample landing page for a Japanese to English Translation Company:

Sample Translation Company Landing Page

This landing page is for a fitness programs designed with new moms in mind:

Sample Fitness Landing Page


Emails and Autoresponders

I have extensive experience writing emails for both B2B and B2C clients. The first sample is a series of autoresponders promoting hotel wifi to B2B clients.

Sample B2B Hotel Wifi Emails

Following is an example of an email for a fat loss product promotion:

Sample Fat Loss Product email

A second example of B2B emails, this one for a fictional business coaching client:

Sample B2B emails


Direct Response Sales Letter – Excerpt

Following is an excerpt of a sales letter I wrote for a fictional nutritional supplement.

Vitamin Letter Excerpt


Ebooks and Special Reports

I have written ebooks and special reports on many topics from self-help to health to business. Here are some writing samples of excerpts from ebooks:

This is an excerpt of a fitness book I helped for a ghostwriting client:

FITNESS FOR MOMS – ebook excerpt

This is an excerpt of one of my own ebooks:

Happiness ebook excerpt

Business Writing

With decades of experience in the corporate world, I have plenty of experience in all forms of business writing including procedure manuals and memos. Below is an edited excerpt from a bank loan operations procedure manual. Identifying information of the bank has been concealed.

Procedure Manual Excerpt